About Us

J J Jenkins, Inc. , was incorporated in 1984 for the purpose of supplying quality equipment and services to the synthetic fiber, film fiber, and monofilament industries. At that time, we were aware of the need for equipment suppliers who were dedicated to joining hands with customers to form a partnership that would be beneficial to both.

We form a partnership with our clients that lasts from the planning stage to meet their needs, and extends through manufacturing and delivery of our technology and machinery. This partnership continues with our excellent “after sales” service.

One of the contributing factors to the success of J J Jenkins, Inc. is more than 100 years combined experience of our team of engineers, and the fact that we “know how to do it”. This gives our clients confidence in our ability to do it right, that’s why they keep coming back, project after project. Our engineers have floor level, hands-on experience with ongoing technological development. This guarantees that the operating system is not only user friendly, but designed for the best quality, smooth flowing production possible.

Our technical, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in the USA. Because of this, periods of waiting for something to happen just don’t exist. This location enables us to be available when and where our services are needed.

Our service to our clients extends far beyond the machinery we build. We offer commissioning of our equipment as well as technical assistance and problem solving. Our experienced engineers are on site, and there to insure that your production gets off to a smooth start. Your access to our experience can be a valuable asset. Our engineering staff is accessible to assist any client, whether the problem is a major process problem or a simple parts need.

Troubleshooting is a part of our service at J J Jenkins, Inc. You can be sure that if there is a production problem involving our technology or machinery, you will have immediate attention including on-site service, online service or any other way.

Another way we augment our ability to be responsive to our client’s after sale needs, is our spare parts inventory. We carry an inventory of spare parts with a value in excess of $1,000,000.00. Any commercial components used are recognized as high quality in industry. This inventory assures prompt parts availability on most items that you would need
to keep your equipment operating efficiently. Any service or product we offer is of the highest quality available.

We want to put our technology to work for you. We know that our engineering skills, our hands-on technology and superior machinery can get your production where you want it to be and keep it there.

We invite you to talk to us about your needs and see if a partnership with J J JENKINS, INC. would be beneficial to both of us.


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