Custom Applications

J J Jenkins, Inc. extrusion systems cover a wide range of production
services for the industries: Slit Tape Extrusion Systems, Monofilament Extrusion Systems, Strapping Extrusion Systems, Multifilament Fiber Extrusion Systems, Medical Filament Extrusion and Processing Systems and Research and Pilot Extrusion Systems.

Slit Tape Extrusion Systems
Systems designed to meet your requirements for production of all types of film fibers. Capacities available up to 20 tons per day.

Monofilament Extrusion Systems
Systems for monofilament from polypropylene, nylons, polyesters, and other materials.

Strapping Extrusion Systems
Systems for production of polyester and systems for polypropylene strapping from sheet or individual filaments.

Multifilament Fiber Extrusion Systems
Pilot plant and production systems for a wide range or multifilament systems.

Medical Filament Extrusion and Processing Systems
Systems are available from J J Jenkins to produce a wide range of medical fibers products, each custom designed to meet the most stringent requirements of quality and control.

Research and Pilot Extrusion Systems
All J J Jenkins processing systems are available in large production systems or small research or development systems. Special systems to your specifications are also available.

Draw Stands
J J Jenkins, Inc. produces draw stands oil heated, water heated, water cooled, induction heated and ambient. Rolls up to 96 inches long and up to 24 inch diameter are available in cantilevered design. Supported rolls are
available in larger sizes.

Hot Air Ovens
J J Jenkins, Inc. hot air ovens have gained the reputation of being the most versatile and efficient in the industry. Available in lengths up to 15 feet and working widths up to 96 inches with temperatures up to 600 F.

Quenching Equipment
Quenching equipment is available for air quench of fibers and filaments, water and casting rolls or film fibers, and chilled water quench for monofilaments.

Drive and Control Systems
J J Jenkins, Inc. can provide you with the most modern drive and control system available for your extrusion line. From the most sophisticated system to single loop control
systems, talk with your J J Jenkins, Inc. representative.

Process Development
The vast experience and knowledge within
J J Jenkins, Inc. is available to assist you in
development of processes and equipment in the fibers industry.

Equipment Modernization
In many cases, equipment pieces and ideas from J J Jenkins, Inc. can result in improved production and quality from the equipment you already have.

Plant Design and Layout
Our experience and assistance are available to our customers to more efficiently and economically lay out your equipment and allow for any special building or foundation requirements.


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